Why does your dog need a good harness?

Have you ever paused and asked yourself why your dog does or may need a good harness? It can seem pretty straightforward for some dog owners, but not to all. So here is the lowdown on how it can keep you and your dog happy and healthy.

A good harness makes your dog safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about your best friend getting loose while trying to run after a squirrel, or breaking the harness to run after another friendly dog.

It helps reduce the pulling, giving you better control over your dog. How many of you have had injuries to your wrists, elbows and shoulders due to bad harnesses or leashes that created tendinitis, tennis elbow, etc.? Our Dog Performance Gear harnesses will help you heal (and lick your own wounds), while keeping you and your dog on your routinely programmed walks.

A good harness makes your dog feel comfortable. Did you know that a bad harness can actually hurt your dog? It can create a lot of stress on his neck and joints. That’s why it’s so important to buy a good quality and well-fitted harness for your pup. 

A good harness will strengthen your relationship with your dog. You will feel closer to your best friend, since you will have better communication through the leash and the harness.

It will make you, and your dog look stylish. Yes, we had to put it in the list. Have you ever heard the expression, JUDGE A DOG OWNER BY THE SEXINESS OF ITS DOG'S HARNESS? Okay, we know it’s not a saying, but we think it should. How many times has your dog been stopped on the street by strangers because he was so cute? How often has he been the perfect wingman or wingwoman for you? Doesn’t he or she deserve to also look his or her best for the males and females of his tribe?

Here’s our shopping guide for owners and their dogs for the holidays:

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