How do I Select the Proper Size Harness?

  • Measure the circumference around your dog's neck as if measuring for a collar.  Please make sure that you can comfortably fit a couple of fingers under the tape measure.  The harness is meant to fit a little loose so as not to restrict breathing or movement.  Reference the chart below to see which size will best fit your dog's neck.


Proper Size Harness-DogPerformanceGear

  •  Measure the circumference of the widest part of the ribcage behind the front legs.  Go to the chart below and see if the size you chose in the neck measurement fits the belly length range.


Proper Size Harness2-DogPerformanceGear

  •  Measure the undercarriage length from the pro sternum to the xiphoid process.  This can also be described as measuring from just above the chest bone to the approximate belly button position.  Reference the chart below to see if your dog's undercarriage length is within the range listed for the size harness chosen during the neck measurement.


Proper Size Harness-DogPerformanceGear


FunRun and Mantrailing Sizing Chart

    FunRun Sizing Chart-DogPerformanceGear

    FunRun Vario Sizing Chart

    FunRun Vario Sizing Chart-Dog Performance GEar



    • When fitting your new harness for the first time, be patient and praise your dog for allowing the harness to be placed on them.  Some dogs may be apprehensive at first with placing the harness over their head.  In order to acclimate them, praise and reward your dog lavishly for putting their head through the neck opening. Some dogs may not move, or may walk funny at first.  Do not be concerned, as this will quickly pass.


    Watch this video to find out how to tie the ends of the harness so they don’t flop :


    Harness Care Instructions

    • It is recommended that all harnesses be hand washed in cool water using mild soap.
    • If using a washing machine, place harness in a mesh bag and use the gentle cycle with mild soap.
    • Spot cleaning may be accomplished using a damp cloth.
    • Hang dry only.  Avoid dryer to prolong the quality of your harness.
    • If your harness has lights, the must be removed before washing, as they are electronic with batteries.
    • If your dog likes to chew, do not leave the harness on your dog if they are unsupervised.  Some dogs may chew through the material.
    • Your harness will look great for many years with proper care.


    How do I place an order?

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