Being Active With Your Dog

The wonderful thing about having a dog in your life is their desire to be active.  What better motivation to stay healthy, not just for the year, but for life! 


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If it’s difficult for you to make time to go to the gym, why not combine your exercise with your dog?  Even just adding 5 minutes a day of play with your dog to your current routine will create more happiness for you both!  


What can you do in 5 minutes?  You can play a few rounds of hide and seek games.  You can begin to teach them a new trick.  If your dog is a social butterfly, set up a meet and greet with a neighbor as you take your walks and show off the new trick you taught!  


With any new activity or exercise routine, just like checking with your own doctor, check with your vet to ensure your dog is healthy enough for the exercise you are envisioning.


The simplest way to add some fitness into your regime is walking.  Again, start out with adding just 5 minutes a day to your existing routine.  If you are just starting out, simply do a 5 minute walk.  You’d be surprised just how well that will make you both feel.  As you both gain more stamina, add another 5 minutes per outing.


Being Active with your dog | Dog Performance Gear


Start a dog walking club with some neighbors and friends!  If you and others in your neighborhood work from home, begin by just going around the block or down the road and back for a quick break in the day.


As you get more into adding activity into your daily life, change it up by sprinkling in some lunge walking, brief sprinting, jumping jacks, or squats, all while you can ask your dog to wait in a sit or down while you do your exercise in place or run next to you for a sprint.  All of those require the dog to pay attention to your cues which is also mentally good for them.  If you are not into sprinting with your dog, if you taught them a new trick, have them do one next.  Roll over is a good one to teach them core strength.  Doggie push ups from down to stand and down to stand.  Practice these new exercises in the house first, then take it on the walks.  If you have a hill available, do some walking up the hill or sprinting if you are ready for a higher cardio workout.  


Whatever you do, at, we have leashes and harnesses perfect for your canine partner to get out and about for a more active life!


Being Active with your dog | Dog Performance Gear

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