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We thought you might be interested in getting to know us a little more.  


Below is the story of how Dog Performance Gear was created in 2015 and started selling the best dog harness on the market. We felt like North American dog owners were missing out on a well-designed harness for them and their dogs' active lifestyles.


Indeed, most harnesses on the market are very restrictive in the dog’s movement so we decided to sell the best designed harnesses in the world and become the only company in North America to sell these Swiss products. We partnered up with Grossenbacher, a company that provides a wide selection of innovative products for dogs all across Europe and now, thanks to this valued partnership, in North America.  By working with Grossenbacher, our goal is to share our passion for these products with all the dog lovers on this continent.



We know that owners with dogs with an active lifestyle strive to find the right fit and style for their loyal friend.  Currently, our harnesses cater to dogs that range from small to large.  Extra small, extra large dogs or dogs with really unique needs in harnesses may be offered in the future. (We need to keep some exciting stuff for the future too, right!)  As a matter of fact, we see Dog Performance Gear expanding into other high quality products, in the future, to create a joyful and stylish life for both the owners and their dogs.  

Here’s the bottom line:  Dog Performance Gear was created to provide a high quality harness design to fit the active North American dog.

Our brand values:


  • High quality: Superior quality for the North American dog. (They are Swiss made after all!)
  • Functional and Durable: Practical, reliable and long lasting dog harnesses for your best friend. (We actually joke that we don’t get much repeat business because our Dog Performance Gear harnesses last forever.)
  • Aesthetic Design: the perfect combination of balance, color, texture, movement, pattern, scale, weight, shape and comfort. Enhanced functionality with attractive layouts.


The people behind the Dog Performance Gear:

OUR COO: Jen was a professional dog trainer for 10 years working with a lot of different dog owners and their dogs in a variety of sports such as agility, scent work, freestyle, and more. She has also been competing in many different dog sports with her own dogs for over 20 years ! Jen is the blood, sweat and tears of Dog Performance Gear: she always puts in the extra effort to help dog owners find the right harness for their dog.  Our customers love that she cares so much about them and their loyal fluffy friend.


DogPerformanceGear- About Us-Jen



OUR “CEO’s”: We like to refer to them as our Canine Executive Officers. They are our inspiration, our models and our best friends. 

  • Xella:   Native of Switzerland!  Our product specialist. Beauty and brains, excels at everything!
  • Marcus: Mr. Congeniality.  Everyone’s favorite salesman. Works hard, plays hard, sleeps hard!
  • Caddy: Xella’s daughter.  Junior Saleswoman. Sassy but sweet.  Climbing the corporate ladder (literally).
  • Princeton: Son of Marcus and Xella.  Lead Intern. Ivy League educated, brilliant mind with a great future!


DogPerformanceGear- About Us-XellaDogPerformanceGear- About Us-MarcusDogPerformanceGear- About Us-CaddyDogPerformanceGear- About Us-Princeton


The best way to contact the team: 

Email us at info@dogperformancegear.com with any questions: we can usually resolve things quickly this way but if need be, we will schedule a phone consultation with you.

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