Dog Performance Gear strives to provide your dog with the best gear anywhere to be found.

Our flagship product, the FunRun Harness, is completely handmade in Switzerland using robust, high quality components. 
All of our harnesses are ergonomically designed to allow for a full range of motion in all joints.  
Our harnesses do not restrict the active sport dog's movements, instead, they adapt to your dog's body shape without creating pressure points.  
Dog Performance Gear harnesses are used in the following sports and activities:
- K9 Nose Work
- Tracking
- Flyball
- Hiking
- Walking
- Therapy
- Service Dog
- Search and Rescue
Dog Performance Gear harnesses come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit all breeds.
As we listen to our customer's suggestions for design improvements and changes, please note that some of our pictures may not reflect the most current designs.